Ways to Transform your PSD design into a Responsive Design

Ways to Transform your PSD design into a Responsive Design

Mobile phones have become very smart these days. These pocket devices are now capable of doing a lot of tasks that were earlier possible only with a computer and web browsing is one of these tasks. These days, business owners are required to have a website that can very well adapt to screen sizes that are as large as 30 inches and as small as 3 inches. This ability of websites to adapt to different screen sizes is known as responsiveness and for your website to possess this property, you will have to convert your website from PSD to HTML. Listed below are two of the most efficient ways that will make your process of PSD to responsive conversion a very easy process.

  • Through Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a combination of various web development technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. It has various inbuilt features which reduces the coding effort as well as coding time of the web designers. The process of conversion from PSD to HTML becomes a lot easier when it is done through Bootstrap because of these inbuilt features. Responsive design is also one of the inbuilt features of Bootstrap thereby saving a lot of time and effort which otherwise would have to be spent in order to make your website responsive.

The best part about Bootstrap is that it is an open source platform which means that you do not have to spend a single in order to work on this platform. Moreover, it has a wide community of Bootstrap users who will be there to help if you face any issue.

  • Through WordPress

The road from PSD to responsive conversion can go through WordPress as well. WordPress is also an open source platform for developing websites and web applications. PSD to WordPress conversion will bring you a lot of benefits like it will provide you the ability to customize your themes, a SEO optimised website, cross-browser compatible website, cross-platform compatible website, interactive website design and lot of other benefits apart from the responsive design of your website.

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