Follow These Simple Step And You Will Drive Traffic To Your Site & Blog

Follow These Simple Step And You Will Drive Traffic To Your Site & Blog

Following these simple steps will ensure you get traffic to your blog

High-quality content that’s unique to you

Let’s face it. Content is king. And that’s the first thing you’ll need in order to do well and get good traffic to your website or blog. No half stepping here, you’ll want to devote a great deal of time to developing your content to ensure you are churning out high-quality copy on your site or blog.

Link exchanges.

Exchanging links with other websites (referred to as reciprocal linking) is one of the better older ways of generating traffic to your site or blog. One way links from other sites or blogs is a even better way of getting traffic to your site or blog. To get reciprocal links, you’ll want to contact webmasters whose websites share content with yours and ask them to exchange links with you. Often, you can do this with site or blog directories by submitting your site/blog to these directories and in exchange, you place a small bit of code on your site or blog. Another way to get someone way links pointed at your site/blog is click here and sign up. Then start submitting!

Start your own affiliate program

An affiliate program is one where others promote your product or service for you and in return you pay them a percentage of your profit. There are a multitude of ways to pay your affiliates, you choose the way that you feel is best. Keep in mind, however, it’s best to keep an eye on your affiliates to make sure what content they have on their site/blog conforms and is related to your site content.

Directory submission

As I showed above, you can submit your site/blog to web directories, of which there are many. I suggest you take advantage of this site in your quest to make your site/blog more visible. You can, if you want, go to each directory and manually submit your site if you want, but the link above is much easier. It’s also a good idea to submit your site/blog to the smaller directories manually as well. This will bring you traffic, visibility, and credibility.

Make a video

Produce a video that promotes your site/blog and post it on YouTube or a social networking site like Facebook. You want to make it interesting enough to make your visitor want to click on the link to your site. If your video is appreciated by those who view it, it will circulate throughout the Web and be the kind of publicity that can’t be bought. Do not forget to include the URL to your site otherwise, your video won’t be effective.

Give something away for free

Create a report that is related to your site/blog and ensure you include a link to your site/blog throughout the report. You’ll want to give it away freely and allow your readers to give it away also. This will give your report a viral effect as more people give your report away and is a awesome way to generate traffic to your site/blog.

Using these tips can increase traffic to your site/blog, increase your visibility, make you more credible in the eyes of your visitors and get whatever you are promoting booming.

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