The Top Five Most Popular Cat Memes Today

Loads of animals have been featured in memes for a good number of years – from dogs to horses to hamsters and every other animal you can think of, trust that there’s a meme out there for them. But cat memes are probably the most popular. Cats are known for their ‘I don’t care’ attitude, which makes for a great look for a cat meme. And, when cats suddenly appear out of nowhere or look surprised, the whole Internet is delighted. Here’s a look at the top five most popular cat memes today.

The cat from the ceiling

The cat from the ceiling – who hasn’t seen this popular meme? It’s no wonder the cat from the ceiling is incredibly popular – we can’t forget the image of a cat looking out from a hole in the ceiling, looking like it’s saying, “I’m watching you!” The interesting aspect about this meme is that it’s been around since 2003 – but the image only became really popular when the text ‘Ceiling cat is watching you’ was added. Now, the cat from the ceiling has other texts associated with it, which makes it a real LOL moment.

The Business Executive Cat

Cats dressed as business executives (complete with ties) are now a common sight on the Internet, thanks to the introduction of a cat named Emilio, released way back in 2011. When the meme of Emilio was posted, it was quickly re-posted on the site Reddit, and, within a few hours, the cat meme was already featured on the MemeGenerator. There are now thousands of business executive cat images online, with texts typically saying something an employee or boss would say.

The Anxiety Cat

If you’re an avid social media user, then you have surely seen an image of the Anxiety Cat. It’s not just one cat – it’s hundreds of cat images with that distinctive ‘anxious or nervous cat’ look. The Anxiety Cat is frequently accompanied by texts about panic in social relations or exhibiting paranoia.

The Kitler Cat 

The Kitler Cat got its name from – you guessed it – the infamous dictator (and generally insane person) Adolf Hitler. Kitler Cats are usually images of cats (often white) with distinctive markings on their faces which look like mustaches, giving them a resemblance to the original Hitler. Often accompanied by a funny text, these Kitler Cats have become an Internet hit.

The Grumpy Cat

Who hasn’t seen an image of the Grumpy Cat? If you haven’t, you’re definitely missing out on one of the funniest cat memes ever. Tardar Sauce is the Grumpy Cat we all know and love, and she’s famous for her slight frown, accompanied by some kind of pessimistic and funny text.

We all enjoy cat memes now and again – and if you’re a true cat lover, you will certainly enjoy playing a game or two of Kitty Glitter slots online.

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