The Lost Art of Effective Office Recycling

The Lost Art of Effective Office Recycling

Do you remember when they claimed that computers would turn every office into a paperless office? Okay, if we could all just wipe the laughter tears from our eyes I will return to the subject. Yes, we not only haven’t emerged with a paperless office, I would venture to guess that we have more paper then ever because printing copies is just too easy these days.

But if you are the kind of office worker that wants to make your office a bit greener, there are ways to encourage green thinking. Whether you are researching new computer recycling depots or asking your fellow office workers to take their own coffee mug to work to eliminate all those trashed paper cups in the office kitchen, you can make a change. Here are some ideas to get you started on your own green campaign.

Cut Down on Paper Consumption

This is a big one and yet probably the hardest one to implement. With the average worker tossing out a little over a thousand sheets of paper every year we have a long way to go and plenty of room for improvement. So, how to encourage everyone to use less paper?

Start with using both sides of the paper when making copies or printing out documents. In fact, if you can get away with it, don’t print out those outlines for the next meeting. Just email them and tell them to bring their tablet or laptop to the meeting with the outline for making notes. No paper for the meeting or tossed out outlines no-one even looks at during the meeting. At the very least, make sure the office has plenty of blue recycle bins everywhere so that it is just as easy to toss that paper into a recycle bin as it is to toss it in the trash.

Company Carpool

I once worked at a company that would pay for your transit pass because it saved them on having to purchase parking spaces for their workers at the office tower where we worked. That makes sense, but if you don’t have transit nearby, then why not carpool with fellow workers?

Talk to Human Resources about organizing it, and then make sure that the parking space for carpool cars is in a premium space. You not only get the benefit of helping keep the air cleaner, you might get to know someone better who works for the same company but in a different department. I have even heard of romances that began in a carpool, so give it a shot.

Smart Office Supplies

If you are like many of us, you probably have a collection of pens that sit in a jar or container of some kind on your desk. You grab one of them when you need a pen and hate it when the one you grab is dried and needs to be tossed. But – if you only had one pen out at a time, and used it and only it when you need a pen, you would use it up before it dried out. Pens dry out because they sit around, and they will certainly sit around if you have dozens of them within reach.

The same goes for kitchen supplies, but a bit different. If you have an office kitchen, does it stock up on paper plates and plastic cutlery? Instead, why not bring in your own cup, glass, silverware, plate etc. and use them? Marketing companies often have real dishes in their kitchens, and sometimes even dishwashers, because they have so many high-end client meetings. If you have that kind of kitchen you can wash up your dishes after and not have a load of paper plates and cups to take to the trash every day.

So, start planning for a smarter, greener office today with just these handful of smart tips. Remember to recycle, reuse and just refrain from tossing it all out!

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