The Best Way to Protect Your Data

The Best Way to Protect Your Data

Today’s digital world offers so many opportunities, not just for the entrepreneur that wishes to create an online presence, but also for those that wish to steal data and ultimately make money from their illegal activities. This means we all need to take precautions to ensure that our online data is protected,

Innovative solutions

This day and age means protection is an essential component of Internet security, with so many threats, we need to make sure our data is secure.  One of the best ways to ensure cyber protection is to use whitelisting applications, which will ensure your data is protected from any cyber intrusion.


This a common tactic that involves sending emails to victims from trusted sources, which gives the user a false sense of security, thinking the message is from a treated source, and that leads to a security breach.  This type of malware invariably involves clicking on an attachment, so whatever the situation; avoid clicking on anyattachment you are not expecting, as this is a common way of infecting your computer.

The watering hole

This a sophisticated way to trap a website, and is normally done by using a passive system that targets specific individuals. It is possible to breach the security of sites one might consider trustworthy, as they look identical to the real URL, when in fact the site is false.  Once an innocent user has accessed the site, they will be directed to give their personal information, which is the start of a cyber intrusion. This method is unobtrusive, and many ordinary people do not understand the implications of a simple click, which could lead to thecompromisation of all your secure data.

A simple connection

Once a hacker has compromised your system, he or she will then gain access to all required data, which could have catastrophic results for the individual or company. From a simple connection, a hacker can establish a permanent gateway to all your data,which then gives them access to all your information.

IT knowledge

Whatever the threat, all users of the web should have a basic understanding of codes and site configurations.  With so many applications available today, it makes sense to familiarise oneself with all aspects of IT, especially methods to protect one’s data. Building a business is indeed a monumental task, and one that can be enhanced by employing the experts who will ensure your data will not be compromised.

Removing data

Once your system has been compromised, it is very easy for the hacker to extract all your data without your knowledge.  Encryption was a safe way to store information, yet today, more complex security systems are required to ensure safety within data. IT security has become an essential part of any business, making certain your critical dataremains with you and no one else.

IT expertise

If a person has a basic understanding of computing and IT in general, they can understand more about the risks involved. For people that need to familiarise themselves with MS applications, such as Word, Access, or using Excel for SEO purposes,this knowledge goes a long way towards understanding how data compromisation occurs, and will ensure your data is protected.

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