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Facebook is well-known as a huge social network connecting people for communication, sharing ideas or any other way of interaction. If in offline life people judge about each other by clothes, success of their online image largely depends on creative pictures. Taking it into account, we cannot omit iPiccy editing service. It enables Facebook users to make gorgeous timeline covers. Well, if you have decided to get covered right now, refer to We have already tested iPiccy  cover making abilities. Achieved results are outstanding!

Facebook Cover As A Part Of Your Image

Firstly, let us say a few words about iPiccy itself.

This program was developed for editing photos, artistic paintings, various raster images. Cover making is just a small part of what the editor can do. Nevertheless, this very function opens numerous ways of creating impeccable images for your timeline on social networks.

Why do people need covers? Answering this question, we should take into consideration psychological aspects. According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, every person tends to fulfill innate needs in self-esteem, love, respect by others, confidence. So, with covering profiles Facebook population expresses their views, inner world, preferences. People create an attractive image helping other individuals percept them generally. In most cases good covers make good impressions. People need covers in order to represent themselves via means of graphics.

Retouch Easy With iPiccy Facebook Design Maker

Creating covers design is especially easy when you opt for collage making. You just should choose a custom size for Facebook covers and get started. After you finished your collage, you can make another important step, called retouch.

With iPiccy Retouch Option you do not need going on special courses or studying at a University. Developers give graphic guidelines describing all possibilities for making qualitative pictures.

When editing portrait photos, use retouch obligatory. Improve your image, change hair color, make an accent for lips or eyes, get tanned and so on.


This looks like professional retouching, as if you have gone from the pages of a glossy magazine.

Moreover, doing retouch will not take much time. One can retouch photos in few clicks due to a comprehensive convenient menu.

When your picture is retouched, increase its creativity level by adding doodle stickers, vector shapes, funny, inspiring or dreamy texts. You can also use an avalanche of modern and vintage photo effects. iPiccy Editor can blend several layers. For example, if you upload two different photos, the program will combine them in one image. Users can mix photos with textures like paper, grass, grunge or fabrics. Your final picture will impress with fresh extraordinary design.

Summing up all said above, we would like to note that iPiccy Photo Editor can serve as a great instrument for creating trendy covers, which exactly fit Facebook timelines. With this graphic designer you can do it easy, quickly and unusual. So, dear friend, welcome to testing the program a.s.a.p.!

Learn how to make impressive covers at and test the simpliest program for photography retouch.

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