Hospitality in Today’s world

Hospitality in Today’s world

In a competitive world of hospitality, not having certain amenities can lead guests to seek out other options when deciding on what hotel to stay at. Many of the criteria that guest expect are; certain levels of comfort, the overall ability of the location to dampen loud noises and Finally and most important, having a strong Wi-Fi signal. With internet being the most popular way to keep in contact with people, guest expect more accessibility with Wi-Fi, to stay in touch. Even if your hotel has Wi-Fi, it may be inadequate to handle the strain of all the connected devices. Its estimated that each room with guests, will have about three or more devices that can connect to Wi-Fi.

The importance of staying connected

There are many reasons to securing strong hotel Wi-Fi . Many guests who stay with hotels are traveling for business and will always need a way to stay in communication with co-workers. And even if the guest is traveling for leisure, most enjoy relaying their experience through social media, like Facebook and Twitter.  Guest who have stayed at locations with poor internet, often use data instead of the internet services provided. This is extremely bad for business, with the internet being what it is, poor reviews can stem from this and lead to less repeat business. One issue that many establishments have, is only having Wi-Fi access in the guest’s room. Allowing people to stay connected regardless of where they are, whether they are in the hallway, the lobby, or even by the pool, there is no reason guests should not have Wi-Fi accessibility anywhere on hotel property.

Finding what you need

The first thing a hotel before upgrading current or installing a new network, is surveying the guests experience with the current network. Since guest are the ones who will utilize this resource on a daily basis, their input can narrow down what the proper response to the demand. Once the data has been collected, it will be time to choose a company to oversee and intergrade change to suit the need.



There are many companies that install and monitor Wi-Fi networks. But one employed throughout Europe is ZYXEL. Providing services in installation, network managing and security measures within the network.  One of the more popular products is the NWA duel radio access point, which can serve up to one hundred Wi-Fi devices. Another perk to this particular model is its appearance, resembling a smoke detector, this makes the placement of the device almost invisible to the guest.  ZYEXEL has been rated number one with their integrated security appliances.


The importance of internet within hospitality is more important than ever, reach almost the top amenity that guest expect. With even more reasons to stay connected, not having this can impact business drastically. But, though simple data collection and contact with specialists, this can be easily addressed. So even though Wi-Fi may not seem as important as other amenities offered at times, not having a reliable connection can have major draw backs.

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