3 Important Considerations Before Document Shredding

3 Important Considerations Before Document Shredding

No matter what size of business you have, when it comes to security we all know today that we need to shred many of our most important documents. And while that little business shredder that everyone shares might be fine for a small five-person office, get any larger and you are going to have to start looking at shredding services to handle the big stuff.

This is particularly true of all your financial information and human resources files. But are you ready to step up to the big boys and have someone else handle your shredding needs? Here are three questions to ask that might help you to answer that question.

Will It Save Us Time?

We all know that shredding can be time consuming. True, most businesses have that one nerdy guy who seems to get a special thrill out of running the shredding machine. He will jump at the chance to do it, and we all indulge him. But as your business grows, this task begins to be too big for any one person. When tax time comes around you will find that the simplest of tasks get engulfed by the question of whether to shred or not.

If you have to pay one employee for their time to shred all those documents, and the list of what to shred just seems to grow each year, then you might actually save money hiring a company. It really does come down to how much spare time you have and just how much of that personal data you want getting out into the real world.

Is it Cost Effective and Faster?

If you have ever had to shred a ton of documents quickly in one of those little personal shredders, you know how slow they can be. Paper can get jammed and sometimes when you pull out what was shredded, it hasn’t done all that great of a job.

This is another reason that getting a pro to do it at a certain point just makes sense. Yes, that little office that only has the occasional document to shred is still fine using the little guy. But if you see boxes of documents that need to be shredded, it is time to call in the pros.

Do You Have More Than One Location?

One of the most common reasons that companies will use a service to shred all their important or sensitive documents is if they have more than one location. There could be a headquarters that has all the human resources information as well as branch locations that have important financial information for shredding. While it is true that you could lug this all to one location, most shredding companies will come to you wherever you happen to be. This means that every location has their documents shredded with the same professional care.

Size Determines Method

As you can see, for most businesses it is the size of the company and the amount of paperwork they generate that will determine what method works best for them. Small businesses with little paperwork will be just fine with the personal sized shredders that hang over a waste basket or sit beside the photocopier. But if you are generating enough paper to fill a wall of shelves, then it is time to look at getting some professional help.

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